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AMAZON - Clearbrook - Closed to public

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Lunch “On the Lot” - Leicester and South Cameron St Lot 11:30-2pm

Bingo - Winchester Brew Works - 4:30-7:30

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AMAZON - Clearbrook - Closed to public

CNOY 24 - Soups

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Have Billy Sous cater your next event or office meeting!

Prices start at $8pp - minimums apply call for details

Chips, drinks, SOUP and custom menus available

Call 540-850-7636 to Book


What is Sous Vide cooking?

Sous vide is a cooking technique that involves vacuum-sealing food in a bag and cooking it in a precisely regulated water bath

Do you accept cash?

No, our goal is to provide awesome and affordable sandwiches quickly. Online payments enable us to do so.

How do we find you?

Follow us on facebook and instagram, we'll update our location and schedule as often as possible.

COMMunity / charity

Meet your friendly neighborhood FREEGE. A community supported location where ANYONE can leave fresh, whole foods for those who may be hungry. Please click the CCAP logo for more info on the FREEGE

Want to help but don’t have time? Trust us we get it. Buy items from our FREEGE MENU, we’ll stock it and tag you in the post. Pricing is reduced to cover food cost and employee labor. Hungry sucks!

About Us

Our Story: The short version - take charge of our own destiny. My wife, Amanda started her own adventure in creating a real estate business. It was inspiring to witness her controlling her own destiny and enjoying, like actually enjoying her work. I was working in sales for a very large IT organization and was suffocating under the weight of a mammoth company. It felt like there was a barcode on the back of my neck. Having had a restaurant 20 years ago, I loved the idea of getting back into the ‘making people happy business’, but had no interest in a brick and mortar. So, a food truck journey began. It took months and months of paperwork, projections, countless sandwich disasters, blown up business plans, research, research and more research. We cooked, tested, cried, laughed, had a few breakdowns, and a few breakthroughs. Each seeming disaster left its’ lessons - work at something hard enough and the work pays off. So here we go, we’re investing in ourselves, in our ability to support ourselves financially while loving what we do. Believing in what we do. Feeling a sense of service to the community we all share. We’re here to bring big flavor and joy with our efforts. Amanda, with her devotion to her craft as a Realtor and Bill, with hell of a cool sandwich shop on wheels. We put people first and earn our check - sadly rare these days. Feet fail us not, thank you for your support.